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Now let have a look for these two colors in HEX code:

But when you try to use DISPLAYBARCODE method within MS Word, then set up the background color like: \b FF1493 and front-color as \f FFD700. you will give the result as below:

You can see the color is not match what you want. looks like the HEX color within MS Office word is not correct. Why it give you different color when you using HEX color code within MS word? Because its format is the opposite of regular hex codes. So here is the solution:

switch first two letters with last two letters, then you will get correct color result

eg: use \b 9314FF instead of \b FF1493

Now let’s see the result of \b 00d7ff and \f 9314ff

Here is the whole word the using for display the QR code within MS Word without any add-in

{ DISPLAYBARCODE “” QR \t \q 3 \f 9314ff \b 00d7ff }

For full details of how to create QR with word without addon :