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Login to your GoDaddy account.

Find your hosting plan (4), then click manage (5). If you not add your domain to the hosting plan yet, Please refer to my previous article How to add domain to your GoDaddy Host From cPanel

Then click ‘cPanel Admin’ button

Within cPanel, scroll down to ‘Web Application’, click WordPress icon.

Click ‘install this application’ button.

Click domain drop down menu to select the domain that want install WordPress. Delete any letter within directory box.

Scroll down to the setting section edit:

  • administrator username (any word, do not have any space)
  • administrator password (better to have strong strength)
  • administrator email (important, to recovery your password)
  • website title
  • website tagline (for SEO usage)

scroll down to the bottom then click install button.

wait until the installation process done.