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If your WordPress multilingual website shows garbled like the picture showing on top. then it must be something wrong with your WordPress language file.

Because WordPress can be used in a variety of languages, it must store each language in a separate file. Each separate language file that is used by the software contains the .mo file suffix.

So you need search your WordPress language folder. In my case, it is related to Gravity forms user registration plugin . SO you need find the plugin languages folder, then edit the

To edit *.mo file, you can use poedit from

After install the software (poedit) , copy every under bin folder to system32 folder. ( C:\Windows\System32 ) or the folder that include your .mo file.

In my case I copy all the bin folder file to the gravity forms registration language folder.

then you need run ‘msgunfmt” command to trnsfer .mo to .po file

C:\Users\J_Laptop>cd C:\Users\J_Laptop\Downloads\gravityformsuserregistration_4.5.3 (1)\gravityformsuserregistration\languages

C:\Users\J_Laptop\Downloads\gravityformsuserregistration_4.5.3 (1)\gravityformsuserregistration\languages>msgunfmt -o gravityformsuserregistration-zh_CN.po

Then you can use poedit open the .po file you just created. did you see the difference ? it is missing small s after ‘%’

edit it and then you go to ‘file -> compile to mo’. to convert the pp file back to mo file.

解决WordPree网站 中文乱码问题。