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If you see the error message:

Set the appropriate path in BACKUP_PATH variable in the configuration file [config/Components/Backup.php] to enable it.

and also see it from error.log

Undefined index: query_cache_size in /var/www/yetiforce/app/Db.php on line 169
Undefined variable: typeDb in /var/www/yetiforce/app/Db.php on line 174
Undefined index:  in /var/www/yetiforce/app/Utils/ConfReport.php on line 712
Undefined index: www in /var/www/yetiforce/app/Utils/ConfReport.php on line 813

First you need create a folder under /var/www/yetiforce/

jimlee@CRMServer:~$ cd /var/www/yetiforce
jimlee@CRMServer:/var/www/yetiforce$ sudo mkdir backup

Then change the permission

jimlee@CRMServer:/var/www/yetiforce$ sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/yetiforce/backup/
jimlee@CRMServer:/var/www/yetiforce$ sudo chmod -R 755 /var/www/yetiforce/backup/

No we need add the path to the /var/www/yetiforce/config/backup.php

/** Backup catalog path. */
	public static $BACKUP_PATH = '/var/www/yetiforce/backup/';